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Production and trading company «FillitGroup» was founded by an experienced team of experts in the field of commercial equipment, development and production of refrigerators and furniture.
In 2016 we implemented projects of different scales — from the flower shop to the filling station area of ​​more than 350m2.

We offer a full range of commercial and refrigeration equipment and air-conditioning systems for shops and supermarkets at petrol stations, catering, flower shops, hardware and clothing stores. Our company produces the storage and office furniture and equipment for all sales divisions.

The «FillitGroup» team will prepare a design, develop, manufacture and perform the installation of the supplied equipment, providing warranty and post-warranty service. This will greatly save your time on looking for new contractors for the execution of tasks.

Professionals of «FillitGroup» will satisfy every desire by offering advanced solutions for any project.
Own production in St. Petersburg minimizes the cost of production and reduces the supply of equipment and services.

Reliable, functional, easy-to-use commercia and refrigeration equipment of interesting design and high quality will make your shopping area bright and individual, will show your range of products to the best advantage. Cooperation with «FillitGroup» provides an additional opportunity to make a profit, expanding affiliate base and cooperation with a reliable team of professionals!


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Russia, St.Petersburg

phone: +7 (812) 940-0851

e-mail: info@fillitgroup.ru